Searching for new ways of releasing European Arthouse films using Virtual Cinema


Virtual Cinema is defined as the situation in which cinema can offer films to an online audience through a platform of their own, or through an external / central platform. This can be in the theatrical window or later in de films lifecycle.

In the REACH’M project, Stichting Nederlandse Filmpromotie and Medialoc are joining forces to help European cinemas and distributors better reach their audiences online for releases of European arthouse films. 

Our mission is to:

Improve knowledge on Virtual Cinema in Europe, working together with independent cinemas and distributors

Create new business models for local exhibitors through the deployment of new technologies that make VOD and hybrid distribution of European arthouse films available

REACHM at UNIC Cinema Days

REACHM at UNIC Cinema Days

At the UNIC Cinema Days in Brussel, REACH'M presented their insights in the hybrid audience of the future. The UNIC Cinema Days welcome an exclusive group of senior executives and key figures from across the European and international cinema landscape for two days of...

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