About Picl: virtual cinema since 2017

Bringing your arthouse cinema into your living room. The Picl model introduces a flexible digital distribution of newly released films in collaboration with distributors and cinemas, whereby – different from other VOD platforms – each part of the value chain gains revenue from the online sales.

With Picl, arthouse cinemas are able to offer their local audiences a personal, hand-picked selection of brand new films for home viewing through Video on Demand. In their own virtual cinema, via Picl.

Picl is a collaboration between Dutch film houses and Stichting Nederlandse Filmpromotie, set up in 2015 by Anke van Diejen and Noortje van de Sande of Herrie Film & TV. The foundation is financially supported by Creative Europe and the Film Fund.

Picl brings the marketing from cinemas and distributors under one digital roof, and makes it possible for distributors as well as cinemas to deploy targeted, data-driven promotion campaigns for films to local audiences in Europe.

All project’s activities are dedicated to support cinemas and to improve the position of European arthouse films, which are loved and cherished by a large audience group, and brought to them digitally in a collaborative effort of local cinemas, distributors & Picl.

Picl offers cinemas the following services in The Netherlands and Belgium:

  • exclusive online content in Virtual Cinema window
  • exclusive and taylormade online screeningroom for avant premieres, film clubs or educational screenings
  • offer your own alternative content: Q & A’s, introductions
  • embedded player for your own website
  • your own page on the platform
  • real time insights in data
  • marketing advise