About Medialoc: your strategic and knowledge partner for media management in the cultural sector

Medialoc creates technical solutions for screening, management and distribution of digital media. From digital film logistics to streaming and projection, from strategy and concept to technical implementation and roll-out, Medialoc supports and takes care of every step of the way.

Medialoc grew out of a partnership between Indyvideo, an independent AV consultant and project manager, and Marteco, a software developer with roots in developing web applications for the financial sector.

Medialoc guides its customers in terms of content and production and provides support for the entire process, from digital logistics to (on- and offline) projection. For this, Medialoc uses it’s own software and automation solutions that they developed specifically for this purpose, but they can link up with existing solutions as well.

Medialoc helps exhibitors, sales agents, distributors, galleries, artists and filmmakers collect, store, manage and screen/project video and films. Medialoc provides services in the field of online and offline film and video with a clear focus on media management. Their services can be divided into 3 facets:

  • Digital logistics
  • Storage, management and handling
  • Playback and projection

Which translates to the following services provided to cinema’s, festivals and distributors all over Europe:

  • Transfer service (upload and download)
  • Storage and archiving
  • MediaContainer (embedded player on your own website)
  • File management
  • Quality control
  • OSP (offline player for streaming files)
  • Transcoding
  • Repair service
  • Analysis of usage and display

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