Picl, the virtual Cinema initiative in the Netherlands and Belgium, together with the University of the Arts Utrecht (HKU) is conducting a study on virtual cinema. Walter van Andel and Corien van der Linden from HKU Art and Economics & Professorship ‘Valuable Entrepreneurship in and through the Arts’ are leading the research.

The study is co-financed by Creative Europe and aim at getting an insight into the European Virtual Cinema playing field, in order to improve and strengthen the position of European arthouse films by Virtual Cinema. It targets distributors as well as cinemas, to see what wishes and chances both distributors and cinemas see for virtual cinema.

The aim is to get more insight into the European Virtual Cinema playing field in order to generally improve and strengthen the position on European arthouse films by designing business models for virtual cinema for cinemas and/or distributors in the different territories. Would offering streaming together help reaching a larger audience for European arthouse films? How can we make a business model out of this?


  • Europa Cinemas has joined as a partner in this research. First insights of the survey will be presented at the 22nd Europa Cinemas Network Conference in December in Paris.
  • Europa Distribution has joined as partner in this research.
  • For the online research we work together with DataIM.