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Releasing European Arthouse films in Cinemas using Hybrid Models


In the REACH’M project, Stichting Nederlandse Filmpromotie Nederland and Medialoc are joining forces to help European cinemas and distributors better reach their audiences online for releases of European arthouse films.


Our mission is to:

  1. Creating a new business model for local exhibitors through the deployment of new technologies that make VOD and hybrid distribution of European arthouse films available.
  2. Increasing audience reach and engagement to hybrid offerings of European cinema through targeted marketing campaigns.
  3. Enabling the collection and sharing of data on viewing behaviour between cinemas, distributors to improve the collective knowledge on European film consumption.


As a result of various trends in the European audiovisual sector in the past decade, amplified by the Covid-19 pandemic in the past 1,5 years, arthouse cinemas have completely changed their view on digital film distribution and digital audience engagement. But even beyond the pandemic, virtual cinema is here to stay.