New audience, younger audience, broader audience: we all want that. But what is really essential to know about your audience, so that you can program better, market more effectively and deliver more value to your audience? This is a major challenge for the film sector. Picl delved into depth within the REACHM project, and aimed at new, hybrid viewers. In this Prof Talk at the Netherlands Film Festival  we shared the most promising insights and discuss the future of audiences for arthouse films.

Watching movies online has become indispensable and this is expected to grow even further in the future. Of course, makers and film lovers prefer to see a film on the big screen. At the same time, we all enjoy movies in our own living room. It is often impossible to distinguish between a ‘cinemagoer’ or a ‘home viewer’. Many people are hybrid visitors, only cultural institutions and distributors approach them as two different groups. It is crucial for the film sector to grow along with this and continue to reach audiences for arthouse films. Find out how you can do this in the panel discussion. For example, opportunities arise if you focus on the viewer’s perspective: “People often think in terms of scarcity, but there is actually an abundance. By lowering barriers, you offer more opportunities and together we make the pie bigger.” – Picl
Collaboration and data sharing is crucial, but a number of parties also have reservations. People are afraid of cannibalization. Can this understandable fear be dispelled? How do you achieve good cooperation with clear agreements? Because it is clear that something will change in the future. Collaboration also offers opportunities and counteracts fragmentation. High time to shed light on this issue from all sides.
Moderator: Jon Heemsbergen (Art-Up)
– Sara Oomen (Data analyst / marketing researcher in the cultural sector / cultural sociologist)
– Linda Thoen (Senior project advisor at DEN / Knowledge Institute for Culture & Digital Transformation)
– Joep Grooteman (Director of DIP Digital Information Platform for Performing Arts)
– Friederike Weisner (Director Cinema De Lieve Vrouw)
– Noortje van de Sande (Picl)