Stichting Nederlandse Filmpromotie, the company behind Dutch virtual cinema pioneer Picl, and Medialoc, specialists in digital technological solutions to facilitate hybrid cinema events, have joined forces to help European cinemas and distributors better reach their audiences online in releasing European arthouse films. With REACH’M, they set out to improve hybrid audience reach and engagement by closely cooperating with cinemas and distributors. The project’s ultimate goal is to create an international sustainable business model for hybrid releases, tailored to the demands of individual countries. REACH’M is supported by Creative Europe.

In the next three years, REACH’M will examine national differences, needs, wishes and local platforms. Based on this research phase, the partners will further develop an Application Programming Interface (API), linking central or whitelabel VOD, hybrid technologies and a library to facilitate customizable virtual cinema and provide data insights for cinemas, in order to have cinemas become more competitive in the digital age.