Picl initiated the research project “Everybody in the (Art)House!” that explores a new hybrid audience for arthouse films. The aim is to gain insights into effectively reaching audiences both physically and online. The results of the study were presented in an interactive exposition at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

The research acknowledges the growing significance of online film viewing and the expectation that this trend will continue. It emphasizes the blurring distinction between cinema-goers and home viewers, with many people being hybrid consumers. The initiative advocates for more collaboration between cultural institutions and distributors and advocates placing the audience at the center of these efforts.

The study explores how cultural institutions can expand their audience through digital or hybrid offerings. It analyses audience behaviour and decision-making in the customer journey, comparing those who watch arthouse films online with those who attend cinemas. The study suggests a hybrid approach, simultaneously promoting online and offline offerings to expand audience reach.
The collaboration between Picl and local cinemas is highlighted as a significant factor influencing users to choose Picl for online film viewing. The study recognizes the allure of the big screen, acknowledging that people prefer watching films in cinemas but may opt for online viewing due to various reasons. Offering films online enables cinemas to reach audiences that might otherwise miss out and strengthens their connection with viewers, increasing the likelihood of future cinema attendance. More information here